About us


The facts are undeniable. Climate change is happening all around us. Our planet groans as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods devastate local populations. The earth is sick, poisoned by carbon emissions and other harmful pollutants that are too often a byproduct of modern life. What can be done to reduce this alarming trend? Our friends and neighbors too often turn a blind eye to their own responsibility for climate change. Society’s seemingly unquenchable thirst for energy has led to more pollutants entering our atmosphere than ever before. Solar energy provides a clean, renewable alternative to harmful fossil fuels that are used to power our communities. Beneficial Solar Energy works with both residential and commercial clients to combat climate change through the installation of solar power systems. While the process of choosing and implementing a solar power system can be daunting, Beneficial Solar Energy strives to provide the very best in customer service. When you choose to work with Beneficial Solar Energy, you’re more than a number of a product on the production line. You are a partner in the effort to combat climate change. You are a responsible member of your community doing your part to preserve our precious natural resources. Beneficial Solar Energy is proud to come along side you and provide the most innovative products and superior customer service to meet your solar power needs.

Where We’ve Been

Beneficial Solar Energy began as a commercial financing and real estate construction company in 2001 under the name Beneficial Commercial Capital. While that segment of the organization continues to do business under the same name, the leadership noticed an interesting trend. Many clients would ask for solar panels to be installed on their place of business or home that Beneficial built and helped to finance. As the general public became more aware of the threat posed by climate change, the request for solar power only grew. While the passion for environmental responsibility has always existed within the organization, concerned citizens such as yourself continued to demand solar energy. It didn’t take long for Beneficial to create its own solar power company to better serve its customers.

Where We’re Going

Beneficial Solar Energy will continue to establish itself as a premier solar energy company in the Greater Los Angeles Area by providing exceptional customer service. Each and every customer will receive personalized attention to ensure their complete satisfaction with the purchase and installation of their solar power system. Customers can work with Beneficial Solar Energy with confidence knowing that they will receive a quality, American-made product from a friend they can trust.

Beneficial Solar Energy understands that solar power can change the world. With each and every solar power installed, our community reduces its carbon footprint and works to combat man-made climate change. Beneficial Solar Energy will continue to work with both commercial and residential partners to produce responsible, renewable energy for the purpose of combatting man-made climate change and preserving our planet for future generations.

Going forward, Beneficial Solar Energy will continue to establish itself